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An overview on X-rays

X-ray has become one of the most important tools in the modernistic medicine. The images of X-rays at present the most crucial diagnostic instrument in the field of medicine. These digital images of X-ray are essential to diagnose the bone injuries in people along with monitoring the recovery phases of the bone through X-ray. Chest X-rays are imperative for medical practitioners to diagnose lung cancer, Tuberculosis, or pneumonia. Dentists too use them quite frequently to get images of the teeth for different medical purposes. Ontario Diagnostic Centres (ODC) provide x-ray services in all the major cities of GTA including Mississauga, Etobicoke and Oakville.


How does it function?

X-rays are used to penetrate through material that are made up of light atoms such as human flesh. A beam of electrons of high energy crashes into a target metal which results in the production of x-rays. They get absorbed by heavier atoms, such as metals. A filter close to the source of the x-ray shields the rays of low energy. This makes way for the high energy rays to pass through the body of a patient toward a film. A second sheet is incorporated to prevent the separated x-rays from making the picture a bit obscured.

What are X-rays used for?

X-rays are used for many important decision-making by medical practitioners and surgeons to diagnose the problems and issues in the health of their patients. Some of the common examples of the usage of x-rays are to diagnose Tuberculosis by taking chest x-rays, it is also used to diagnose many other serious diseases such as pneumonia or lung cancer.

Some things you need to inform the technician prior to getting the X-ray done

  • If you are pregnant of planning to get soon, you need to inform the technician. Chances are that you may be stopped from having the X-ray since it’s harmful for the developing baby.

  • If there is any metal in the particular part of your body that needs imaging. This includes different kinds of rings in various body parts. This is because metal blocks the X-rays.

Don’t’ get worked up during the process of X-ray. If you squirm or wiggle, there might be some problems with the imaging.

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To Book an appointment, take a picture of your Requisition and text it to 647-490-8991 or call us at 905-279-1144

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